so today at work I was walking to the kitchen and this guy was walking out from the bathroom hallway and we made super intense eye contact so intense it was almost uncomfortable and he was kinda cute but anyways we both kept walking and then I had to deliver a milkshake to a table outside and it was the guy but he was sitting with a girl and she had her feet in his lap so girlfriend alert and I dropped of the shake and the girl said thanks and at this point the guy hadn’t even looked up from the table and then right when I was about leave he looked up and looked me straight in the eye for a very long moment and very sincerely said thank you and man it was so strange I have never made eye contact that intense with anyone before I don’t know if he thought he knew me or what but it was intense

"It’s okay to read your texts and not reply. It’s okay to close the blinds and stay in bed. It’s okay to drink your cup of tea instead of going to the bar. Take the time to focus on yourself because in the end, you were the one who carried you through the heartbreak. You are the one who picks your trembling body up off the cold, hard shower floor. You are the one who wipes the tears off your cheeks, who forces your body out of bed, who clothes it, feeds it, and you should be proud of that. Having the courage to keep pushing through when everyone else is trying to burn you out is the strongest thing you could possibly do." -(via fragiles)

I’m getting a fucking cold oh my god I hate summer colds why do I get so many colds


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